Kreshtar Tribes



Horse-riding nomadic orcs.

  • Homeland plains are encroached on by the Empire of the Sun.
  • Blood feud with the Sshthar Tribes (ancient enmity, and relatively recent atrocities committed by the Ssthar).
  • Regularly available as mercenaries.


  • Former ruling tribe over all the Thaar tribes, until the nation collapsed.
  • No longer want to rule over the other tribes (or anyone), just want to be left alone, very isolationist now.
  • Primary inhabitants of the Kresh Plains.

Description and Identification


Humanoids, a little taller than most humans, with lean, wiry figures. Olive skin, usually tanned somewhat darker. Dark eyes, dark hair (both usually black); hair usually tied in a topknot. Usually lightly armored, prefer mounted combat. Males favor axes (axe and shield most often, but greataxes are not uncommon), females more often use mounted bows (short bows or composite/recurve), with smaller melee weapons (short sword or short spear) as backup.

  • Large axe wounds or arrows-filled bodies.
  • Shamanic magic and trappings (signs of rituals and/or fetishes); land more fertile than might be expected due to enhancement.
  • “Herd of horses” prints, but other evidence (such as horse dung) usually removed for later use.

Kresh Plains (tribes), almost anywhere (mercenaries).

Kreshtar Tribes

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