Welcome to the Many Kingdoms

This campaign is a little different from most I have run in the past in that I have done very little design ahead of time. Instead, I am soliciting setting ideas and information from the players and plan to use that as the base for the campaign.

I’m leaning toward running this using Echelon, a homebrew d20 variant I’ve been working on for a while. You can read more about it at http://www.kjd-imc.org/ and I expect to be fleshing it out as I find bits that need to be done.

I’m usually available in the evenings on IRC at #nethack-ot-dnd at freenode.net to discuss. This campaign setting will be greatly driven by player input, so ambitious goals and grandiose campaign elements should be the rule of the day.

The more input you give, the more influence you have over the setting. This is not a campaign for passive players, so please drop by and help build a world!

Many Kingdoms