Early agrarian clans, proudly fierce warriors and poets, loosely modeled on the Celts and Picts.

  • Frequent inter-clan rivalries (raids, occasional border clash, etc.).
  • Empire of the Sun is starting to marshal and test their borders (initial trading approach was largely rebuffed)
  • Periodic raids from the (northern barbarians).
  • Potential access to the Felloine, where ‘all wishes can be met… for a price’.


  • Friendly, limited trade relationship with the local Thaar (tribe TBD).

Description and Identification


The Rennai are humans of somewhat more than average height and lean build. Hair ranges from light brown through red and blond. Eyes tend to blues, greens, and hazels, with brown eyes not uncommon closer to the Imperial border.

Because of influence of the Felloine, iron working has never really developed in Rennai. Weapons are mostly bronze, so swords tend to be relatively short. Spears are more common, and axes are an often-available tool and weapon. Iron and steel weapons can sometimes be had from the imperials (usually taken as prizes, rather than purchased; the Empire would prefer to keep the Rennai under-equipped). Armor tends to be light (leather or hide, possibly reinforced with bronze) and shields are often used.

  • Bronze weapons, chariots (some Rennai ride, but chariots or walking are more common).
  • ‘Magic’ tends to be shrouded in mysticism and secrets, and is generally viewed with distrust.
  • Many heroes develop special abilities such as the ability to speak with certain types of animals (or plants), see clearly for miles, or other more-than-human abilities; this is not considered magic, merely gifts.

Ren Foothills north and northeast of the Empire of the Sun. Many heroes go on quests that can take them almost anywhere.


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