Kreshtar Axe Fighting



Punishing combat style featuring large axes, often used mounted on horseback.


  • Primary combat style used by male Kreshtar.

Description and Identification

  • insert fluff here — Kreshtar in powerful charges, thundering hooves (and axes), depending on size, strength, and native toughness to survive the fight.
  • Large axe wounds, crushed limbs, etc.
  • Targets deafened by sonic damage from thunder.
  • Practitioners often bear weapons that seem oversize for their wielder’s normal size.

Most practitioners are among the Kreshtar. It is possible that non-Kreshtar may be taught, but likely quite uncommon.


  • Kreshtar Axe Fighting Talent — stances, etc. relating to standing, fighting, bigger weapons. May include inherent growth (similar to rage?) while using this style.
  • Kreshtar Axe Fighting Adept Talent — calling on the power of thunder and other supernatural effects; depends on Kreshtar Axe Fighting Talent.

Kreshtar Axe Fighting

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