Empire of the Sun



Fledgling empire with a core of allied nations with similar cultural values and expanding into their neighbors though military, trade, and cultural mechanisms.

  • Encroaching on the Kreshtar Tribes by expanding into and settling the Kresh Plains.
  • Rebellious ‘recently acquired properties’.
  • Early stages of a military campaign against the Rennai to the north.
  • Generally ‘most advanced’ society in the area, higher-quality goods available.



Description and Identification


Physical description of the people of the Empire varies quite a bit as vassal states mix with the core population, but the ‘classic imperial’ appearance is below.

Humans averaging slightly less than average height with medium builds. Fair skin (naturally; they are mostly fairly well tanned). Light to dark brown hair (some blonds, but less common than black hair), dark eyes (blue to black). Male citizens are usually required to serve in the legions, where they learn a disciplined combat style that works well in teams. Light-medium armor for the common troops, medium for non-commissioned officers and most commissioned officers (some prefer heavy); generally favor short sword or spear and shield.

  • Standardized construction (roads, city and camp layout, trade requirements, etc.).
  • Standardized military practices (generally; the more effective military leaders can often depart from standards with fair success).
  • Ritualized magic and ceremonies.

Within the Empire. Legions often stations near borders to guard against invasion (or over borders, if invading or providing protection to ‘close neighbors’). Merchants and traders may be found anywhere a profit is to be had (or could be had). Religious folk tend to stay with Imperials (whether settled or military); not usually so much evangelism among non-believers, though there are some religious folk who travel among foreigners looking for similarities.

Empire of the Sun

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